Our History

Mehmet Narin, starting his commercial life very young together with his father in İstanbul Plastic Industry Inc. in 1957, asked himself the question; industry or commerce when coming to 1965, and the commerce overweighing, With the support of his 2 sons who joined family company Narin in 1994 and 1997, Mr Mehmet Narin has established Antioch’s one and only holding company "BYS HOLDING" in year 2000.

Mehmet Narin, making the name of Mohammed Narin a trade mark in the commercial life of Middle East; served as the President of the Antakya Trade Chamber for 18 years; leaded the establishment of the Mediterranean Exporters Union; and had an outstanding voice in the exportation of food, agricultural products, construction material and chemical substances in Middle East, via the Mehmet Narin Import Export Inc.

Mehmet Narin, taking two of his little brothers (one of them 8 years old and the other one is 12 years old to his company) as partner to his company. In 1975 the name of the company Mehmet Narın Import Export Inc. has changed as Narin Foreign Trade Inc. And later on between 1994-1997 his sons Engin Tan Narin and Rasim M. Narin joined his business.

They work hard and in year 2001 they established Bys Holding, which is first holding of Antioch and now it is one of the leading foreign trade company in Turkey.

Mehmet Narin, with the motto to work in the manner of an artist with both his body and opinions, established the first and unique holding of Antakya; this holding has enlarged its partnership structure over time, and become a sensational holding in Turkey with its frank, principled, productive, strategic partners and international settlement. While the capital of the Holding in 2000 was 3,5 million dolars, it increased up to 10 million dolars in 2004; the holding has moved into international platforms in a very short period of time, taking the advantage of obtaining the information, the most expensive data in the world, in the cheapest way via its hardworking and principled partners. It has obtained an effective position in the Far East, through the Dalian and Hong Kong branches affiliated to Synergy International Services (S.I.S) Holding in China.

Bys Iraq, our company in Iraq, setting to be the leader in the country wide in his branch with the distribution network of construction material, fertilizer, animal feeds and food, is moving quickly towards again being the unique company in the country in the area of pulses, cleaning materials, dairy products, wood etc. As seen, Bys does not export only in Turkey. It trades to the furthest areas of the world from various contries. Positive response is not given to the companies that ask for selling their products to the overseas through Bys, because of the structuring of the company. However, after rewieving the overseas markets and demands, in case there is convenient environment, the technology, production, and finance opportunity, if required, is provided to the company on the opposite side in order for the factory in Turkey to make production.

It is the biggest exporter and importer of Turkey in; sesame, black pepper, cumin, fenneflower, coconut, cinnamon, coffee bean, almonds, shelled walnuts, nuts, sunflower seed, pumpkin seeds, peanut, corn, cashew, dired apricots, dried grapes, citric acid, bean, lentils, rice, pea, kidney bean, olive oil, pomegranate syrup, pasta, tomato paste, milk powder, detergent, soap and the leader in transit trade.

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