Mersin Tahin Fabrikası
  • Since 1957, we are bringing the past into the future.
  • Traditional but fully automated 3 lined factory that uses the traditional technology to manufacture tahini with capacity 40 tons a day.
  • Over 40 years of food production experience we are leading the standards of the tahini around the world.
  • We have huge experience in hummus making and tahini-based salads.
  • Long and prosperous history of partnership with the major chilled salad and hummus manufacturers over U.S.A., Australia and Middle East.
  • Over the years we have worked diligently to develop better and more suitable products according to our client’s needs.
  • We have two very important innovations by continuing our research on tahini. One of them is Homogenization and the other is Pasteurization. We succeeded in delaying the oil separation in tahini via homogenization. Within this scope, we have won an award in the category of "Creative product" within the scope of Export Promotion Awards of Stars. Our production facility and manufacturing system are opened to our clients with full transparency.
  • Flavor – a special taste, which signifies NARIN BYS tahini over the years, with rich and deep aroma as well as its taste.
  • Consistency – Due to quality control, manufacturing system and persistent in sesame seed, our product is constant all year long.
  • Each step in our chemical-free processing method is designed in a way that minimizes the amount of heat and friction under went by the sesame seeds.
  • The seeds are peeled, roasted by steam instead of direct fire, and cooled slowly under the meticulous observation of our three food engineers at each stage.
  • Using a gentle salt-water bath rather than machine arms to separate husk from the seed is just one example of the innovative factory design. It preserves the aroma and sweetness of the seed and creates unmistakably traditional and homemade taste.
  • Our logistic department is run and managed with the emphasis to meet our clients’ demands and needs.
  • We have a capability to manufacture and ship out any quantity within short time by demand. All pallets are treated with fumigation and strengthen for holding the heavy weight of the products and more
  • Our Tahini takes place as a very good emulsifier in final products such as hummus, so that the hummus’ texture is much more constant, unlike other Tahini in the market which does not prevent the separation of different phases in the hummus.
  • Pure sesame- Our tahini does not contain any artificial food additives.
  • We execute the following tests in our lab: Weight, Humidity, Salt percentage, Salmonella, Viscosity of raw tahini, Organoleptic tests, periodical surfaces inspection. We examine surfaces that may affect the final product as well as the hygiene of the employees of the production facility.
  • We work according to “Positive Release and Full Line Continuous Checking System”
  • We are one of the rare producers of TAHINI certified with BRC, ISO 22000 (HACCP), ISO 9001, KOSHER, HALAL , USDA and EU NOP ORGANIC CERTIFICATES with IFSM in Turkey.

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