Narin Susam

As Narin BYS, we are one of the leading players of sesame seed trade in the world. We buy sesame seeds from Ethiopia, Sudan, Chad, Nigeria, Mozambique, Tanzania, Uganda and Burkina Faso which grown in Africa. We have sesame sieving facilities which we set up in our own places in Africa and then bring it to tour own Free Zone in Turkey to sell them to 3rd countries and domestic market. Our trade capacity is 21.000 tons of sesame seeds every year. We have gained a serious drive in the quality of sesame seeds by know-how and skills that will enable producers to plant seeds better in Africa. Our priority is to increase the quality and food safety. We care about you so we invest more and more every day as a group to Food Hygiene.

Microbiological tests are carried out very frequently in production facilities, in the acceptance of the main raw materials and in the final products, and general area cleaning is provided very effectively in each department.

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