NARİN BYS is established under the umbrella of MEHMET NARİN IMPORT-EXPORT A.S. in 1957 and in year 2001, it generated itself from a single country and a single product business to multimillion dollar structural organized a Holding Company, which become a global leader in the supply chain of agricultural products, food, ingredients, logistics and tourism. Headquarter is in the city of Antioch which is a top trading city in Turkey and in order to gain competitive advantage, NARIN BYS has established its infrastructure upon processing facilities, warehousing and logistics by protecting their leading position in the market in regards to many of its businesses at the city of Mersin, where one of Mediterranean’s busiest port is exist.

We are directly involved in 57 countries in sourcing commodities and selling over 3000 customers in 63 markets. We are suppliers to many of the world’s most prominent brands offering them reliability, consistency, trust and traceability.


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Yeni Str. İsmet İnönü Blv. Prestij Plaza No:66 Flr:20 Daire 39/40
33050 / Mersin / TR

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