Dry Fruits


Lobas Kuru Üzüm

The best breed and high quality Raisin varieties which are carefully selected and collected from the best producing regions in Turkey and around the world. They are dried in 100% hygienic environment without any hand touched.

Lobas brand with a variety of products that appeal to different palate tastes has become a reliable brand in Turkey and around the world.
Our products that have been dried have been packed in the desired weight at our packing plants without any hand touched by state of art the technology machines and ready to be offered to our consumers.

Lobas Kuru Üzüm
  • Golden Raisin
  • Kashmary Raisin
  • Malayer Raisin
  • Small Sultana Raisin
  • Sultana Raisin
  • Sundried Raisin

Dry Apricot

The apricot has a significant import and export market in Turkey and world’s economy. It is carefully collected from the major production centers of the world and dried without touching in hygienic environments.

Narin BYS Kuru Kayısı

Our products are packed and handled without any hand touching with the latest state art of technological system machines to take their place with our Lobas brand.

Narin BYS Kuru Kayısı

Kuru İncir

Dry Figs home land is Turkey and Turkey is the biggest producer country in the world.

It is also one of our main export commodities. Especially in the Aegean region, it is one of the most important sources of living. Turkey produces and exports the highest quality figs in the world.

Narin BYS Holding is the most important exporters of Turkey with Lobas brand. Our products are dried in a hand-free manner and packaged in our factory according to the needs and demands of our consumer.

Narin BYS Kuru incir

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