Narin BYS Holding is located in the food sector with seven companies serving in different fields both in Turkey and abroad.

BYS Foreign Trade Inc.

BYS is established under the umbrella of Mehmet Narin import - export A.Ş. in 1957 and year 2001 generated itself from single country, single product business to a multımillion dollar structural organızed holding company which become a global leader in the supply chain of agricultural products, food ıngredients, logistics and tourism headquartered in the cıty of Antioch top trading cıty in Turkey and to gain a competitive advantage established its infrastructure like processıng facilities, warehousing and logistics with market leadership positıons in many of its businesses at the city of mersin where one of mediterenean's busiest port is exıst.

We are direclty involved in 57 countries in sourcing commodities and selling over 3000 customers in 63 end markets. we are supplıers to many of the world's most prominent brands offering them reliability, consistency ,trust and traceability.
This has helped us earn a reputation as "The power behind the best brands of the world".

For more than 40 years, BYS has transformed farmers’ crops into vital food ingredients. Today, we are an international agribusiness with thousands of global customers and an abiding passion to nourish the world. For generations, we’ve processed crops — such as Lentils, chickpeas, beans , sesame seed, sunflower seed, cumin, corn, wheat, oilseeds and nuts — into a vast array of ingredients our customers use to satisfy people’s desire for quality and variety in the foods they love.

We make the ingredients that make foods taste great.

Today, many of the world’s largest and best-known manufacturers of grocery staples, packaged foods, prepared meals and specialty foods rely on BYS for hundreds of essential ingredients.

From the vast range of agricultural products and ingredients we provide, our customers create products that are enjoyed by billions of consumers every day.

While BYS produces other products from crops or part of every seed, kernel, grain and bean we touch is turned into food or animal feed. Food is a vital part of our heritage and our future, and it’s the enduring heart of our business.

Every day, thousands of tons of crops from the most fertile growing regions of the world pass through BYS’s global agricultural network on their way to the breakfast counters, lunch boxes and dinner tables of the world. Along the way, we purchase, clean, collect, store, trade, transport, formulate, refine, process and package them.

  • Our agricultural products, from grain and food ingredients to animal feeds and supplements, are processed to actualize their greatest nutritional and economic potential.
  • Agriculture is the key to sustainable global growth.
  • Ethics & Values are seen in our commitment to be the best company we can be, working consistently as a diverse team of individuals to make a positive difference in the world.
  • BYS partners with farmers to turn their crops into thousands of products that the world needs. We understand that farmers don't just feed us, they sustain us - growing crops and growing jobs across the world. They're essential to the global economy. And that's why those of us at BYS work to be essential to them.
BYS Marketing Inc.

Marketing is the quaranty of a non-stop koordination in Bys Holdings processes. For us marketing is a tool that we can use in the benefit of a customers needs and therefore providing us a truth efficiency. Thanks to our marketing departments strategically established in the different ares of the globe, we can give you information about the last global and international trends.
This is another of our services that our customers like.

Honest Trade Honorable Tradestman We Are Here For

  • Respects traditions and customs
  • Adopts honesty and morals as the highest virtue
  • Increases country and profession's respect with their behavior in domestic and foreign trade relations
  • Respects freedom of conscience, and does not cheat or swindle any one
  • Protects customer rights as protecting its rights
  • Always keeps his words whether in writing or oral
  • Provides true statements, never cheats its clients and clear in its policy
  • Open to new ideas and encourages developments
  • Aware of that trade is a mutual benefit establishment and that when it gains profit the others who they do business with should gain profit too
  • In its relations with others, it always keeps in mind the human factor and gives priority to service concept
  • Keeps away from any activities and shrewdness in order to obtain unjust competition and illicit profit from the customer and does not ask for more then the real value of the products or services it provides or sells
  • Does not cause harm for others while it protects its own profits
  • Carry out fully all liabilities towards the consumer
  • Reasonable and gentle towards customers
  • Delivers orders at time
  • Does not go back on its word
  • Admits its faults, and corrects the wrongs
  • Does not promote its goods in a misleading way and listens to all complaints
  • Respects law
  • Does not give bribes
  • Tide to the principle of unity and umbreakable integrity of the country
  • Pays all taxes at time and does not smuggle tax
  • Carry out all responsibility to the state that arises from the employing of staff
  • Pays fair salaries
  • Supervises social rights
  • Gives importance to training
  • Does no do religion, race, color and sex discrimination
  • Shows extra care to protect the nature and environment
  • Plays big role in cultural development of the surrounding environment
  • Spend extra effort to establish the concept of cleaning
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