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Narin BYS Holding dış ticaret alanında faaliyet gösteren firmaları ile ülkemizin ithalat ve ihracat alanında katmadeğer sağlayan firmalarındandı.

BYS Foreign Trade Inc.

BYS is established under the umbrella of Mehmet Narin import - export A.Ş. in 1957 and year 2001 generated itself from single country, single product business to a multımillion dollar structural organızed holding company which become a global leader in the supply chain of agricultural products, food ıngredients, logistics and tourism headquartered in the cıty of Antioch top trading cıty in Turkey and to gain a competitive advantage established its infrastructure like processıng facilities, warehousing and logistics with market leadership positıons in many of its businesses at the city of mersin where one of mediterenean's busiest port is exıst.

We are direclty involved in 57 countries in sourcing commodities and selling over 3000 customers in 63 end markets. we are supplıers to many of the world's most prominent brands offering them reliability, consistency ,trust and traceability.
This has helped us earn a reputation as "The power behind the best brands of the world".

For more than 40 years, BYS has transformed farmers’ crops into vital food ingredients. Today, we are an international agribusiness with thousands of global customers and an abiding passion to nourish the world. For generations, we’ve processed crops — such as Lentils, chickpeas, beans , sesame seed, sunflower seed, cumin, corn, wheat, oilseeds and nuts — into a vast array of ingredients our customers use to satisfy people’s desire for quality and variety in the foods they love.

We make the ingredients that make foods taste great.

Today, many of the world’s largest and best-known manufacturers of grocery staples, packaged foods, prepared meals and specialty foods rely on BYS for hundreds of essential ingredients.

From the vast range of agricultural products and ingredients we provide, our customers create products that are enjoyed by billions of consumers every day.

While BYS produces other products from crops or part of every seed, kernel, grain and bean we touch is turned into food or animal feed. Food is a vital part of our heritage and our future, and it’s the enduring heart of our business.

Every day, thousands of tons of crops from the most fertile growing regions of the world pass through BYS’s global agricultural network on their way to the breakfast counters, lunch boxes and dinner tables of the world. Along the way, we purchase, clean, collect, store, trade, transport, formulate, refine, process and package them.

  • Our agricultural products, from grain and food ingredients to animal feeds and supplements, are processed to actualize their greatest nutritional and economic potential.
  • Agriculture is the key to sustainable global growth.
  • Ethics & Values are seen in our commitment to be the best company we can be, working consistently as a diverse team of individuals to make a positive difference in the world.
  • BYS partners with farmers to turn their crops into thousands of products that the world needs. We understand that farmers don't just feed us, they sustain us - growing crops and growing jobs across the world. They're essential to the global economy. And that's why those of us at BYS work to be essential to them.
Mehmet Rasim Narin Foreign Trade Inc.

MEHMET RASIM NARIN DIS. TIC. A.S. has activities in variety of sectors. Mainly agriculture, construction iron & steel, textile, petrolium, tourism, stock raising, wood materials, chemicals, and health sector. There are many companies and factories linked to the MRN.

The corporation adheres to the direction of reform and opening, observes the motto of service first, the operation policy of honour contract and maintaining creditability, as well as the trade principal of equality and mutual benefit.
The MRN has invested in agricultural processing factories, chemical plants designed with latest technology and upgrading continuously to produce variety of chemical items such as detergant powder and soap. There are also two seperate factories producing veg-ghee and sun flower oil.

VICE CHAIRMAN ENGIN TAN NARIN BIOGRAPHY : Was born in 1972 from southern region of Turkey. He continued his education in Antakya until the age of 14, then he started his high school and upper education in the St. Lawrence College in England, which he successfully graduated and went on to well-known university of Buckingham University he studied political science & history and achieved the standard of bachelor degree. Although being young he gained tremendous experiences straight after the university at diversified levels of business. Straight after the university in 1995 he went on to Romania to handle the egg project in which 16 billion eggs were exported and sold in this country within 6 month time. He was ambitious to work and although being away from home for 9 years. He was called for a duty in the long-lasting family company of which until this present day also actively handling as a member of board. After Romania he went on to work in Iraq directly with the ministry of trade to supply foodstuff, baby milk powder, detergent, soap, shampoo, tea and any other items which the Republic of Iraq required.

Since than he has been active in many parts of the world including China, Singapore, India, Ethiopia, France, Tunusia, Egypt, Algeria, S.Arabia, Dubai and where ever there is work to be done. He think we should be greatfull to god for god's truth will manifest itself against all odds, and the whole world will see. It is for this reason that we must not only make business but we must bring the inspirations to reality with the friends we make from all over the world who has put their trust in us.

Curriculum vitae of Vice Chairman Rasim M. Narin : Rasim Narin was born in 1976 in Antakya, upon completing its secondary and high school education in Antakya and in December 1997 he received 4 year bachelor degree in branch of business administration from Richmond College located in England. In 1998, Rasim Narin participated in evening courses while working for a 3 century old grains and legumes company and completed its specialization in hotel management in October, 1998 in American Hotel and Motel Association. In 1999, he entered business life by founding Rasagra UK Ltd. in England and marketed British green peas and broad beans and South American grains to Middle East. Rasim Narin carried out operations for his family owned company for nearly 2 years in 2001 in China, Ethiopia, Algeria, Dubai, Jordan respectively and went to Iraq for 1.5 years and participated in tenders opened by Iraqi Government for the program of “Oil For Food Program” of United Nations. Rasim Narin carried out the operations of his company which carried out USD 98 million sales in 2004. Living in Mersin, Rasim Narin is married with 2 daughters named as Derin and Duru. Still acting as the vice chairman of Turkish-Iraqi Business Council under Foreign Economic Relations Board affiliated with Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey, Rasim Narin has been member of board of directors in boards of Antakya Chamber of Commerce and Industry and Mediterranean Exporters Association Chemicals despite his young age. He has been the Mediterranean winner of successful young entrepreneurs competition organized by Global Publications and Dünya Newspaper and later he has become the winner of Turkey in this field. Being an old member of TUGİAD, Rasim Narin has given briefings to university students with TUGİAD on the fields of business administration, export and marketing and shared his personal experiences in foreign trade with students. Participating in sports actively since high school years, Rasim Narin has achieved 15th standing in Turkey young sportsmen basketball matches with Yüzme İhtisas Club, he was awarded 2 times with the most valuable player award in the semiprofessional SESA league in football. Rasim Narin is currently involved in Muay Thai and martial arts for 2 years, he speaks advanced level of English, Arabic and intermediate level of French.

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