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Our corporation owns one of the biggest processing plants for dry edible pulses in Turkey and it is a leader in the sector with its experience since three generations. We are continuous supplier of Middle East, United Nation (WFP), and major European packagers and English packagers who has the highest quality standards in the world latest technology of Z+ Sortex and processing facility with high capacity since 3 years. Our corporation is also a leader with its sale of 200.000-ton bulk commodities in the sector. As NARIN BYS HOLDING, we have certificate of ISO 22000 (HACCP), which support our product’s quality, and with TSE certificate, we create appropriate hygienic standards in order to put human health in the fırst place in our production facilities. We provide best quality products from different districts in the world by packaging them in hygienic environment, and present these products at your kitchen.

Our factory equipped with elimination machines, gravity machines, stone sorting machines, Sortex sorting machines, generators to ensure continuity of production and a fully equipped laboratory to measure the quality of our products. As a NARİN BYS HOLDİNG, our corporation aims to carry on its activities by providing required product in a desired way considering the place and time. We provide the service as our customer request. Our mission is to exceed our customer’s expectations. Therefore, our production is made with sensitivity and high quality to present our customer’s appreciation.” In order to become a well-known brand in the market, a commodity must be healthy as well as to have a good quality”.

nohut chickpea


Chickpea is the seed of the annual plant of Cicer arietinum from the pea family. Because of its high nutritional value, it is used all over the world as raw, roasted, fried, baked or boiled in snacks, desserts and seasonings. Also, chickpea is also one of the raw materials of Hummus, which is consumed all over the world.

nohut chickpea
Chick Peas
Annual Production 650.000 - 855.000 Tons
Harvest June - Agust
Qualifications Standard Cleaned / Not Cleaned / H.P.S veya Sortex
Tipler Spaniola and Velvety
Boyut 26/28 caliber (7mm)
29/30 caliber (8mm)
30/+ caliber (8.5mm)
31/32 caliber (9mm)
50-52 grains per 30 grams (10mm)
48-50 grains per 30 grams (10mm)

Red Lentils

Red lentils are dried seeds of crustaceans from the legume group. Lentils are indispensable in Mediterranean, Middle East and India to be an ingredient in the food. At the same time, it has a high nutritional value and rich in taste as well. Legumes with low fat and high protein content have a soluble and insoluble fibrous structure. It is also rich in carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals.

kirmizi mercimek
Red Lentils
Annual Production 450.000 - 800.000 Tons
Harvest June - July
Qalities Red Whole Lentils (With Husk) 3% Impurity
1% Impurity
0.25% Impurity
Qualities Red Whole Lentils (Without Husk) 1% Impurity + 1% Husk
Sortex (0+0)
Qualities Red Split Lentils 2% Impurity + 2% Husk (2+2)
1% Impurity + 1% Husk (1+1)
0.5% Impurity + 0.5 Husk (0.5+0.5)
Sortex (0+0)


 Beans are from family of legume group. Beans are one of the most important agricultural products consumed both as dry and wet. Bean is an agricultural product that originally spread to the world from Central America. There are different range of beans such as "Pinto" (light red striped bean) of the dry bean, Great Northern bean jam, marine bean, peas; small white, small red, pinkish, kidney shaped, plain white beans and yellow kidney beans. Beans are rich in terms of carbohydrates and protein minerals as well as rich in vitamin B, consumption should be supported.

Fasülye Bean
Annual Production 165.000 - 250.000 Tons
Harvest September - October
Qualifications Standard Cleaned / Re Cleaned / H.P.S. or Sortex
Must 6/8mm - 7/8 mm
Dermason 8mm - 9mm
Bush 8mm - 9mm - 10mm
Cock 180/200 - 200/220 - 220/260(Number of grains per 100 grams)
Candy 7 mm (300/330), 8 mm (220/260) 8/9 mm (200/220), 9/10 mm (180/200)
Kidney Bean 8 mm, 9 mm, 10 mm Light speckled red kidney beans

Boulgur (cracked wheat) and Rice

Boulgur (cracked wheat) and Rice is made by cleaning, boiling, drying, peeling and crushing in different types of mills, and separated from particles of different sizes and obtained from only water. Wheat is very valuable and nutritious semi-prepared food material. It is an important and economical source of carbohydrate in grains, located at the base of the feeding pyramid. Bulgur is also a valuable food in the grain group. In order to better understand Bulgur, it is necessary to know the wheat very well which is the main raw material.

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