Antrepo Sahası

NARİN BYS Logistics security 7 days/24 hours through its educated and specialized personnel, and fire safety suitable to international standards, a good opportunity for you to check your warehouse and products via a webcam 7 days/24hours wherever you are.

Our warehouses is established at total capacity of 107.000 m2 with a 52.000 m2 covered and 55.000 m2 open area, 3 km away from Mersin custom, and continue to serve under our corporation which has 25 years experience of warehousing. Our bonded warehouses are reliable and gives 100% guarantee to protect our customers’ products in regards to the transformation and porterage services, storing every input to output to our computers, 24 hours security control. The advantage of our modern bonded warehouse is that it is close to seaport as well as to the customs.

Antrepo Sahası

+90 324 233 00 00

Yeni Str. İsmet İnönü Blv. Prestij Plaza No:66 Flr:20 Daire 39/40
33050 / Mersin / TR

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